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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Peter Principle in Action

Let's talk about Tessa Jowell.

Who? I hear you say.

That's Tessa as in M-I-N-I-S-T-E-R, Jowell as in C-U-L-T-U-R-E. In other words, a high-ranking member of the Ditch Blair Project. She's the one who reportedly knew nothing about a £340,000-odd mortgage that her husband took out on their home, and the one who was apparently never told that he managed to pay that mortgage off (with a little help, allegedly, from Silvio Berlusconi), so that a short while later, she could co-sign on yet another mortgage on the same home and not even think to ask a couple of questions.

Without even going near the allegations of international wrongdoing here, can we just focus for a moment on the ridiculousness of Jowell's ignorance of her own financial affairs? When you or I take out a mortgage, it's a pretty big event. We're selling our soul, giving up a hefty chunk of our income to service a whacking great loan. Now I can appreciate that to a multimillionaire, £340k isn't going to be too much to worry about. In fact, some prople are so rich that they can find that sort of money in petty cash, and so not even have to worry about a mortgage. Clearly, Ms Jowell and her husband David Mills aren't quite that rich, as they needed to traipse down to the Halifax and go on bended knee before the loans manager.

But she has said that she never knew the first mortgage had been paid off. Oh silly me, I completely overlooked the fact that a whacking great sum WASN'T BEING SUCKED OUT OF THE FAMILY BANK ACCOUNT EACH MONTH like it had been. Girly laugh, aren't I dim, etc etc. At least I have enough to pay the kids' school fees now.

Then, when her husband asked her to sign up for the second mortgage, she clearly didn't read the bit where it ask you "do you have another mortgage?" because, according to her, she didn't ask her husband about the first mortgage and how it suddenly got paid off. Gosh, well, you know, it's all a bit complicate for me, titter titter.

Tessa, dearheart, get a grip. You're a freaking Minister of the Crown. You're supposed to know this stuff. At the very least, you're supposed to be able to balance your own cheque book, and I would hazard a guess that even the lowest-wattage bulb would think to ask her partner how he'd been so clever as to pay off a THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND POUND MORTGAGE in less than a year. Or are you really so rich that these things don't matter to you? And if so, why did you need a mortgage in the first place?

So, assuming that everything really was above board and whiter than white, and that your husband is a financial genius who managed to turn nothing into £340k within a year, then all we lesser mortals have to worry about is the fact that our government includes a bimbo who can't even read her bank statement.

It's one of two things. It's either criminal incompetence or criminal conspiracy. And I actually hope it turns out to be criminal conspiracy, because I'd hate to think that there was someone quite as incompetent as Tessa Jowell governing this country.


At 5:16 PM, Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

another winner lond. loved the bit about the 'ditch blair project'. lol


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